Top 20 US Schools with the Highest Number of Sugar Babies arouses controversy by offering a Sugar Baby University aimed at pairing young students with wealthy sugar daddies. These awesome guys are quite willing to pay for their schooling and more through ways by which their sugar baby would reciprocate the favor. It could be companionship or a whirlwind, weird, even crazy relationship. Regardless of how people perceive it, the arrangements apparently look very promising with the significant number of new signups for the new year 2016.

Here’s the top 20 US colleges and universities with the most sugar babies, ranked from the 20th down to the top #1 spot with the corresponding data of sign ups:

#20 – University of Georgia – 64
#19 – Columbia University – 66
#18 – University of Colorado, Boulder – 66
#17 – University of California, Berkeley – 67
#16 – University of Minnesota – 78
#15 – University of Alabama – 82
#14 – University of Arizona – 84
#13 – University of South Florida – 95
#12 – University of Houston – 104
#11 – University of Central Florida – 112
#10 – Virginia Commonwealth University – 120
#9 – Penn State University – 121
#8 – Florida International University – 129
#7 – Georgia State University – 131
#6 – Texas State University -138
#5 – Kent State University – 153
#4 – Temple University – 155
#3 – University of Texas Austin – 163
#2 – Arizona State University – 189
#1 – New York University – 225

It’s not a big surprise that NYU ranks as #1 school brimming with sugar babies, nor ASU sitting in second place in the lineup. These states belong to the richest in America. People typically earn more one average than those who reside in most other states, but comes with the high cost of living as well with a lavish lifestyle. Those who manage to get to these schools are probably born in a family of multi-millionaires. Otherwise, girls would have to become a famous supermodel, or get a sugar daddy to support thousands of dollars in tuition topped by the luxurious room and board.

These beautiful girls were not lucky enough to have ample support from hardworking parents or relatives, no matter how ridiculous college expenses can get! They can actually try working through college first, and see just how hard it is to be pressured to pass that test with lack of sleep, exhaustion, and school finances haunting them in their sleep. They can also opt to take out loans to support themselves. Then what? Work endlessly to repay their massive debts if they ever wish to break free from it? How about finding that perfect sugar daddy who can make life so much easier, keep them happy, and at the same time make their dreams come true? This is what takes pride in, having produced a vast number of young girls graduating debt-free and enjoying every minute of their new lives.

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