What is a Sugar Baby & Rules of being a Sugar Baby

What is a sugar baby and why does it sound familiar?

The definition of a sugar baby is an attractive individual who dates a wealthy individual to enjoy the finer things in life. You’ve probably heard of a similar term; sugar daddy or sugar momma. Those terms refer to the wealthy individual who wants arm candy to accompany them. That somebody is usually an older man or woman. Unlike a gold digger and an unsuspecting rich person, sugar people both know what they want in a relationship right from the get-go. Here’s a video that provides you with a glimpse of the life of a sugar baby:

Wait, there are different types of sugar babies?

For those who want to know how to be a sugar baby, you must know what type you want to be, first. Variations of sugar babies are based on what is desired out of the sugar provider. These desires include:

  • gifts
  • money
  • a boost of career
  • marriage

Sugar babies who want to be showered with gifts and other luxuries are known as “Spoil Me with Sprinkles” Sugar Babies. They love to receive expensive offerings ranging from top-brand clothing to a vacation home. A sugar baby of this type would love to receive money from their sugar providers but wouldn’t actually need it. This sugar baby already has a pretty good income to survive off of. They’re just here for the luxury life and materials.

A “Cash is King” Sugar Baby wants just that; cash. These sugar babies are almost the opposite of the “Spoil Me with Sprinkles” Sugar Babies. “Cash is King” Sugar Babies have little to no interest in gifts and other types of luxuries. All they care about is receiving money from their sugar breadwinners. Their counterpart, “Allowance Daddies/Mommies,” are much tougher to come across. It would be easier to find sugar meal tickets that are willing to shower their sugar children with gifts rather than cash.

Perhaps you are a sugar baby who is interested in getting a leg-up in your career. If so, then you are a “Friend and Protege” Sugar Babies. These sugar babies seek out high-caliber sugar providers who are successful and have incredible skills in a career or field that the sugar baby also wants to prosper from. Sure, money and gifts are a plus, but it’s mostly about gaining a partner who will help a sugar baby start a business, get promoted in a company, or even obtain a job working at the sugar provider’s own company.

Finally is the “Marry Me” Sugar Baby. This particular sugar baby wants any or all of the desires mentioned above, just permanently. The sugar breadwinners these babies want, in this case, would be looking for a lasting love. A long-term relationship is for the sugar babies who only want to hit the jackpot once. It’s not for those who want to jump from person to person, having one-night stands and gaining benefits from multiple individuals at once. It’s possible that a “Friend and Protege” Sugar Baby can become a “Marry Me” Sugar Baby.

I know what type I want to be! Where do I start?

Now that you are aware of the different types and have decided which type you are or want to be, it’s time that you become a sugar baby. Forming a relationship is more than just asking, “what do sugar daddies want?” It takes time, effort, and genuine commitment. So, here are the rules of being a sugar baby:

  • maintain an identity
  • be direct
  • give it your all throughout the relationship
  • be discrete
  • have a backup plan

These are suggestions. Your results may vary. It can depend on what type of relationship you want with your sugar provider. One important action you can perform is learning from the experience and mistakes of other sugar babies. Check out the video below to familiarize yourself about different sugar babies who were or are successful:

First Rule: Stick to One Identity

When looking for a sugar meal ticket, you don’t want to create multiple identities. It would be confusing to keep up with, and one sugar daddy may come into contact with multiple identities. It’s also important to portray your best, authentic identity, not a fake one.

Soon after finding and conversing with your potential sugar provider online, meet with them as soon as possible. This is important because you can show them that you are in-person who you have depicted yourself online as. It’s also because you don’t want to spend too much time chatting online. Time is a precious, limited tool for wealthy business owners, and they would not want any of it wasted.

Second Rule: Don’t be Shy, be Direct

Since time shouldn’t be wasted with wealthy, busy individuals, don’t play hard-to-get. Don’t make the sugar provider have to chase you in order to understand and be with you. Be honest about your situation. Tell them why you need or want a sugar parent. Maybe you’re struggling with college tuition, have to pay a debt, or just simply want to live the lavish lifestyle. They would be more than happy to provide for you.

Be sure to let them know exactly what you want out of the relationship, be it money or luxury items. Both of you must come up with guidelines on what one expects out of the other. Since this is a mutual relationship, be sure to commit to these guidelines. You must expect that your sugar companion will want sex from you. This doesn’t mean that you are always obligated to give it. There may be a day where you have run out of energy or feel some kind of physical pain that would prevent you from performing your best if at all. Don’t be hesitant to let your sugar suitor, know this. Just be ready for sex at least most of the time when they ask.

Third Rule: Put forth your full effort like any other relationship

This is a mutual, give-and-take relationship. There shouldn’t be days where you slack off. Give it your all when you work on your looks. That’s one of the main reasons a sugar parent wants a sugar baby. Unless requested otherwise by your suitor, make yourself look the nicest you can each time. The opposite is also true from the sugar provider.

It’s important that they provide just as you do. If you see that they are not putting their full effort for you or keeping up their end of the deal, then talk to them about it. Maybe they don’t realize what they are or aren’t doing. In the situation where that doesn’t work, break up with them. Find someone else who is willing to commit as well as you do.

Fourth Rule: Keep a Low Profile

The title of “sugar baby” might not bother you too much, but it may bother the sugar mother or father. Once again unless requested, do not post photos of you and your partner on social media. Some sugar providers rather keep this part of their life a secret, as they may have a high profile to keep in the eyes of others.

While on the topic, it might be important to let your friends and family know what you are doing. You don’t have to flaunt or brag about your riches. Even if they don’t accept your lifestyle, this type of information is vital just in case others need to know of your whereabouts.

Final Rule: Always have a Backup Plan

Do not rely on your sugar companion as your only source of income. Try to have a job on the side or even multiple other sugar parents. Save the money you receive or, at least, have some form of money coming in to live off of. The reason for this is because either you or your sugar parent could just end the relationship out of nowhere. This is typical, so expect it to happen at any time.

It is also for this purpose that sugar babies are not recommended to get too attached to their sugar providers. Unless you are a “Marry Me” Sugar Baby, getting too close emotionally could greatly affect your performance on the next or other current sugar parents. Be friendly, but also professional.

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