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The Sugar Babes Overview

The Sugar Babes is a global and popular sugar daddy dating site. The main aim of the site is to provide a platform where rich and generous sugar daddies can connect with sugar babies. They can get in touch to get into mutually beneficial relations that can be purely for fun or for fulfilling romantic desires.

The Sugar Babes - Find Your Sugar Daddy Arrangement

The Sign up

The signup process is the quite simple and usual. The form has a few questions that need to be answered by the intended user. There are questions enquiring about orientation, occupation, per annum income and nationality among others. After the user fills and submits the form, he needs to wait for the admins to review his application and approve his account on the website. The intended user gets an activation mail on his email id, confirming the verification of the email address. The activation mail guides the intended user to the remaining steps to complete the profile. Once that is done, the user can access his user account and can enjoy the website features.


When a person decides to join The Sugar Babes, he can do so at absolutely no cost. The user can choose the join free option to become a standard member of the site. Such a member can take a tour of the site to understand what it has to offer and can also access the basic features, such as viewing member directory, viewing member profiles, accessing group directory, accessing groups and viewing site activity. The member can also choose to opt to become a silver member (1 month of premium membership at $25), gold member (6 months of premium membership at $75) or platinum member (12 months of premium membership at $120). A premium member can send private messages to other members along with the other features that a free member can enjoy.


The home page of The Sugar Babes is attractive and informative. The top right corner has links to the login page, blog, registration form and community features. As the user scrolls down the home page, he can find the pictures and account links of hot members and the fun groups. Further down, there are the links to the articles that have qualified to be a part of the sweet blog. At the bottom of the home page, the member can find a quick link to join the forum chats. He can also view the member reviews in a nutshell and also browse through the sweet tweets. There are many quick links that guide the user to find a date, join a discussion, go to the sugar blog and contact the website admins.

Ease of use

The Sugar Babes is definitely very easy in its usage. The home page has most of the important links to the various features. The sign up is very simple, and the user is guided through various steps for the complete process. It is easy to find out which members are online by browsing through the accounts and pictures of the members. All the blog and forum quick links are easily accessible to the member.


It is very simple and easy to search for other users on the website. The users can be searched on the basis of their profile pictures, name, city, and orientation. The Sugar Babes also maintains the popular members list and new members list. A search can also be conducted on this basis.

Customer service

It is easy to contact the website admins. The site encourages the members to get in touch with them for any technical problems or suggestions. It is easy to send them a query. The user needs to enter his email id and name along with his message and subject. The site team reviews the query and replies back quite timely. The Sugar Babes is also open to editors, journalists, and bloggers who want to interview and review them. The site has a list of frequently answered questions to assist the users through the usual and common glitches that they might face while accessing the site. These questions and answers are useful, informative and to the point.


  • A member can choose to read the blogs on the blog section of the website.
  • The forum chats allow a user to interact with other members and express his views about various issues.
  • It is easy to find a date in accordance with the user’s preferences.
  • fun to join groups in the fun groups list.
  • A member can view and contact other members whose profiles are listed in the hot members’ profiles.
  • The latest news and recent topics of the sweet blog are displayed to let the members have a quick look at on all the recent proceedings.
  • A user can easily view the members on the basis of the most active members, newest members, and popular members.
  • The site maintains an active Twitter profile. Members can read other’s tweets and also tweet themselves about anything that they want to share.
  • Members can also choose to follow the site’s Instagram account. The admins make it a point to update the Instagram regularly.
  • Members can easily share their pictures with other members by sharing them on their profiles.
  • A user can decide to keep his photographs public or can choose from the other privacy options available, such as private, show to friends and show to registered members.
  • A member can also choose to become an affiliate member of The Sugar Babes.
  • The activity feature is very much like the Twitter, where a user can put a status or message to share his thoughts or state of mind.
  • A member can easily create his own groups on the site.
  • The member can either send a public message to another user or can send a private one. The public message can be viewed by all, whereas the recipient user will have the access to the private message.

Room for improvement

Though The Sugar Babes is catchy and informative, the admins can further push the envelope by bringing in innovative ideas to attract more members who consistently remain active on the website. There are many dormant profiles that remain of less use to the website.


The Sugar Babes is a popular online community where interested sugar daddies and sugar babies can contact and benefit each other. The website offers simple to follow guidelines to become a member of the site. Users can look for dates that suit their personal criteria. While the site is easy to use, it is also fun for its users.

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