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Sugar Daddy Today Overview

Sugar Daddy Today provides a platform where people from different spectrums can get in touch with each other, know each other well and take the association further if both parties are interested. Sugar Daddy Today offers easy to use features for its members. The website, basic in its design and construction, lays emphasis on simplicity. A member can definitely benefit from the well-designed search options available.


Sign up

The signup process for the website is simple and quick. The home page provides a quick link to take the intended user to the membership form. The form has a few questions that a person needs to answer before his membership is confirmed. He has to fill in a valid email id, a membership name, account password, his country, region/state, city and also his type. There are simple and clear guidelines for member name and password creation. The same page also publishes various privacy policies and membership guidelines for the ease of the users. After accepting the terms of conditions, the intended user can submit his form. The administrators grant the user permission to access his account after a quick check and approval.


Sugar Daddy Today is definitely one of the most affordable websites available. The site allows free memberships. A user can sign up and use the site’s features for no cost at all for as long as one week. This allows the user to get an idea of what’s in stock for him on the site. If the user likes what he gets, he can continue to use the website at a nominal fee of 7 dollars per month. The site makes an effort to let the members know that their details are not used outside the domain scope in any way, and all payments are completed with the help of pay pal.


Sugar Daddy Today has a simple design to attract users from different spectrums. The homepage displays pretty much everything that the site has to offer. The tabs on the page have links to the user page, last search page, mail, hot list, profile, and photos. The site advertises the fact that memberships are 100 percent free and guides the visitors to take a tour of the website and to fill in the membership form. While the homepage allows a member to log in using his member name or email id and password, it also allows members as well as non-members to search for user profiles on basis of their respective interests. The profiles pictures of all the new members and a list of the locations of the new members are displayed. The various features that the site has to offer are explained in simple language on the main page itself.

Ease of use

Sugar Daddy Today is built around simplicity and ease of use. The website is simple to follow and understand. The homepage itself has all the main links for a member and a visitor. The web designers and administrators have also done the extra effort of educating the visitors and users with all their policies and features. This makes it easier for a visitor to make a decision on whether he wants to continue with the website or not.


Sugar Daddy Today allows a member to search on various criteria. A search can be conducted on the type of relationship a member is looking to pursue. The website favors many types of associations, such as a sugar daddy seeking a sugar baby, a sugar momma looking for a male companion, a sugar momma and a sugar baby, a male seeking sugar daddy, a male looking for a sugar momma and transgender and transsexual associations. A search can also be performed by the name of the person being looked for. Another search criterion is on the basis of location. Users can shortlist profiles on the basis of country, region/state, city, and radius. Sugar Daddy Today also allows the users to search on the basis of ethnicity. The user can search on the basis of various ethnicity parameters, such as Black, White, Hispanic / Latino, East Indian, Asian and Middle eastern. The users can also choose to view only profiles with photographs. Apart from these search criteria, a member can revisit his last search. He can also save his searches for future references.


  • The website allows members from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.
  • Every member is a full member. All the users send messages and reply to the messages they receive.
  • It allows associations to be formed on a vast and varied spectrum. The site is useful for transgender, models, sugar mommas, sugar daddies and sugar babies, among others.
  • Even the non-members can browse and search for profiles on the website.
  • The site provides an option to get email notifications for new messages. The user can be updated about his new messages without having to log in.
  • The site also provides an option wherein a member can share his personal contact information with other users, such as phone number, email id, and address.
  • A member can add up to 10 pictures in his profile.
  • Profile pictures of the newest members are displayed on the bottom of the homepage. A member can visit their profiles by clicking on the pictures.
  • Members can perform a local search by searching on the basis of a city. This allows them to know which all users are located in their own city.
  • The site allows the users to save the searches they have performed. A user can log in and re-use the searches that he has saved earlier by a simple click of the mouse.
  • A member can access the last search tab to go to his last search. The search is saved until the member does a new search or personally saves the search.
  • The country blocker feature allows a member to block any country of his choice. By doing so, all the users from the selected country are automatically blocked.
  • The category blocker feature offers a member to block all the site users from the categories that he chooses to avoid and ignore.
  • The users can refresh their current search in an instant by a simple click. This feature can be availed even when the user is logged out of the site.
  • Sugar Daddy Today allows a user to create personal hot lists to save the profile links of the members he likes the most. A member can also access the reverse hot list feature and know which all users have included him in their hot lists.
  • A list of the locations of the newest members is also maintained to give the visitor an idea of the range of areas the website covers.

Room for improvement

Sugar Daddy Today is definitely affordable and easy to use, but the features offered are at a very basic level. These features might not be enough for many people. The site should offer features, such as a forum, blogs and private chat rooms to its members to help them interact and know each other in a better way. The privacy options could also be enhanced to make the site more popular.


Sugar Daddy Today is a dating website that promotes sugar daddy relationships. It is simple to sign up and also very easy to use the features offered by the website. Members, as well as non-members, can perform a search for user profiles. While there is no fee to join the network of users, a monthly fee of 7 dollars is charged only after a week. This gives a member enough time to contemplate the pros and cons of the website. The site allows personal contact details to be shared, which in turn lets people get in touch with each other offline. Overall, the website is easy to use and packed with good features.

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