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Millionaire Mate Overview

Are you a woman looking for a millionaire man to spoil you rotten? Or, are you a successful rich man looking for a woman to lavish with gifts and affection? If yes, then this website is the perfect for you. Millionaire Mate uses a wealth verification system, which will ensure that women meet real, wealthy men who have one thing in mind – their happiness. For men, there is an abundance of attractive women looking for a successful man to get to know and spend time with. Compared to some other sugar daddy sites, you will find the numbers are in your favor here with over 670,000 members as of this review. With some great features and an even better reputation, Millionaire Mate is a dating site that will satisfy your needs and desires.


Sign Up Process

From the main page, there are two quick ways to get started with some basic information. You can either click on ‘Get Started’, or you can fill out the section to search for members. The form to search for members really does allow you to search for a specific type of member without having to sign up. However, once you find someone you like, and you want to view more about them, you will have to fill out the signup form.

Simply fill in the information about who you are, who you are interested in, where you live, your birth date, your email address, and then choose a username. The next step involves disclosing some more personal details, such as race, religion, and body type. You do not have to disclose this information if you do not want to; however, I recommend it because it will help interested members find you easier.

Next, you will fill out your introduction headline and tell others a little bit about yourself. Even though you are signing up with a free profile, you have to do this part in order to continue. Once done, you will receive an email in the email account that you signed up with, and it will contain a password to log in with. Your profile does have to be approved, so you will receive another email letting you know whether your profile was approved or not. However, you are able to access the features on the site in the meantime.

In total, the signup process only takes a few minutes and is very easy to do.


Millionaire Mate has a couple different membership packages. As a standard member, you don’t have to pay a thing. However, if you want more features, there are two different membership packages, silver, and gold, and you can add-on certain perks to make your experience more valuable as you search for a mate.

Note: All prices are below are in U.S. dollars. You will need to convert the prices to your country’s currency. Also, prices may vary from this review if they decide to change their prices.

Prices for all members are:

  • A silver membership is $35.95 per month.
  • A gold membership is $44.95 per month.

Optional features include the ability to:

  • Become visible to standard members who would otherwise not see your profile for $19.95 a month.
  • Become more visible in search results and emails by highlighting your profile at $9.95 for one month or $26.85 for 3 months.


One of the really cool features is the video introduction feature. This allows you to upload a video introduction so that other members can see you, hear you, and get a sense of what you are like. You can record your video intro directly on the site or you can upload it from your computer, and you don’t have to limit it to a few seconds. In fact, you have up to 40 minutes to record your video! That is enough time to clearly state who you are. (In fact, I would recommend creating a shorter video or you may lose interest from members before they get to a part of your video that interests them). If your video is too short, you will be notified instantly and you will have to re-record it. Therefore, have a script ready that will last a few minutes. Standard members are able to upload a video intro; however, they are not able to view other member’s video intros.

Their feature called ‘Hotlist’ is an easy way for you to keep track of everyone you really like. Below someone’s profile, click on ‘Hotlist’ to instantly add them to your Hotlist page. Then, go up to ‘My Lists’ on the top orange toolbar and click on Hotlist to see everyone you have put in there. This is essentially a favorite’s list.

Lastly, another feature is something called Cupid. This feature allows you to fill out a form, where you describe your ideal match and receive emails when a person matching your description signs up. The forms are a little different for men and women. For instance, if you are a woman, you can set preferences by what type of relationship you are looking for, what they should look, what race they should be, what religion you would prefer, what their income should look like, what education level they have, and even what profession you want them to be. If you are a man, there are some more unique preferences, such as bra cup size (yes, you heard that right!) or whether or not they want children. You can easily turn this feature on or off through your account settings.

As a standard member, you have limited access to check out other member’s profiles, but some standard members who are really popular (get a lot of views) receive special viewing privileges. This works out well for many members, but mostly attractive women who are getting noticed by a lot of men. Therefore, make sure you put a really good picture up of yourself if you want to receive some special benefits as a free member.

Standard members are able to:

  • Have their name displayed to others
  • Search members using a basic form
  • Receive an email of new matching members
  • View emails that are up to 1 month old
  • Have up to 200 members in hotlist
  • Get support within 48 hours
  • Send a limited amount of emails
  • View a limited number of profiles (unless your profile is very popular!)
  • Create and check out personality tests
  • Post a photo
  • Create a favorite members list
  • Create a video greeting

As you can see, free members have a lot of wiggle room on Millionaire Mate, and have the potential to be contacted by other members. However, if you are serious about meeting a millionaire, and you want to be able to see other member profiles, then a membership is recommended. With it you will have any standard features that are relevant plus many extra features.

Silver members can:

  • Search faster
  • View a limited amount of other member’s photos
  • View past polls
  • Save search settings
  • Search members by distance
  • Receive telephone support
  • Search by username
  • View emails for 60 days
  • Have up to 500 members in Hotlist
  • Send unlimited emails to other members
  • View all profiles of other members
  • Receive customer support within 24 hours
  • View all video greetings

Lastly, the gold members have access to everything relevant above, plus special gold features, including:

  • Have their profile displayed at the top of search results
  • View all photos in other member’s photo galleries
  • Receive priority profile and photo reviews
  • View emails for up to 120 days
  • Add up to 1000 members in their Hotlist
  • Receive priority customer support within 12 hours

Does Millionaire Mate Accept Sugar Daddy Relationships?

Millionaire Mate is geared towards helping wealthy men find attractive females. Upon my searches, I was able to find a few members that were openly looking for a sugar daddy-type experience. Because there is a wealth verification system, this makes it easy for women and men to come together for mutual benefits. However, there is nothing on the site that says whether or not sugar daddy relationships are allowed, and many people on the website are looking for serious relationships. Even though it says on the main page that ‘discreet encounters’ are just some of the things you will find on this website, our review discovered that this may not be the optimal site to look for a sugar daddy type relationship.


Everyone is given the chance to verify various things about themselves. You will be taken to this verification screen immediately after signing up.

Men and women are able to verify their photo by uploading a valid photo ID or faxing it to Millionaire Mate.

Men are able to verify their profession by fax. Simply fax in your business card or a company letterhead, a valid photo ID, and ensure that you include your username. If you would rather upload the information directly, you can do that too. Simply upload your business card or company letterhead, along with your valid photo ID.

Men are also able to verify their income. Simply fax in your tax return along with your username. Or, if you want, you can fax in a bank statement that clearly shows you have over $200k in your account, along with your username and a valid ID. You can also upload your information directly, including a tax return or bank statement and a valid photo ID.

Ease Of Use

Millionaire Mate has made their site very easy to use. The top main menu is colored and easy to find against the black background. Everything is laid out in a way that is easy on the eye. When you click on ‘My Account’ you are taken to a page that allows you access to upgrade your account, edit your profile, edit your preferences, and manage your account. All links are visible, and you will have no problem figuring out where the section is that you need to go to. Furthermore, they clearly display their ‘Contact’ link in the bottom footer of every page, which makes contacting them easy.

The Search

The search process is relatively easy. You can start searching members immediately. You can easily use filters to search for a specific gender, age, city, or body type. Moreover, you can search using features such as whether or not members have a photo. And, the ability to search for millionaires gives you access to what many people signed up for – to find a millionaire. (It is important to note that premium members have many more features to use during search than standard members do.)

Safety And Privacy

Millionaire Mate does not do any background checks or screening of its members. Therefore, while using this site is important to follow some common online dating safety rules, such as meeting members in well-populated areas, watching for warning signs in members that may indicate malicious intentions, and not giving out any personal information to any member until you are totally convinced they are someone you want to date.

As far as the site safety is concerned, it uses a GoDaddy secure site, which means all transactions are protected with up to 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption. Moreover, you can result assured that the verified certificate holder is controlling the domain.

Privacy is of topmost importance to them. Only information that you have entered will be shown to other members, and according to their privacy policy, they will not sell or rent any of your personal information to marketers.

Room For Improvement

They could use more features on their site. While the video introduction is nice, and their cupid settings are interesting, there are not a lot of other features for members to use on the site besides the standard search benefits, emails, and winks. Millionaire Mate could incorporate features like forums or chat rooms to help members spend more time on the site getting to know members.


We used Millionaire Mate as both a male and female member, and there were tons of matches for both users during our review. The chances are good that you will be able to find a millionaire nearby you.

The fact that you have to obtain a membership in order to really check out a member’s profile is a little bit frustrating; however, with the amount of members that turn up in a search, a membership is definitely worth it.

The video introduction feature is a nice way to get to know people a little better before you actually contact them, but it would be great if they would add some more features for their members to interact with each other.

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