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Houpps Overview

Houpps.com is a website that serves as a medium where mutually beneficial sugar daddy relationships can be formed. The site encourages sugar daddies and sugar babies to connect with each other to form associations that favor both of them. The main philosophy of the website is to provide a platform where the rich can meet the attractive and can discover ways to date that are not very traditional. Earlier, the Houpps club was reserved for its private clients. The needs of the clients were catered to, but without the use of any website. It is only lately that the club has gone into the online dating stream by launching its millionaire matchmaking website. Houpps.com is very specific about its clientele.


Sign up

The sign up quick link can be found on the website’s homepage. It consists of only a handful questions and takes only a couple of minutes for the applicant to fill it. Some basic identity questions, such as name, email id, password are asked for in the signup form. After the approval of the first basic form, the person should fill in his personal details for the purpose of creating an attractive profile, such as height, hair length, ethnicity, eye color, hair color and financial situation. A person also needs to state what he is looking for. While some questions are optional, some are mandatory to answer. Photographs can also be uploaded to the profile. The profile and the photos will have to be approved by the administrators before they can go live. Once the profile is approved the member login easily and at any time to access the website.


The signup is absolutely free for all. Houpps lays much importance on their desire to help the sugar babies find the ideal match. To advocate their philosophy, they let the sugar babies use the site features free of cost. The site believes that sugar babies should be loved and pampered and should have all things free. A sugar daddy can sign up and be a standard user for no cost at all. But, he is charged for all the events and parties that are organized. A sugar daddy can also choose to avail the diamond membership. In a diamond membership, his credentials are verified by another organization. This verified sugar daddy has more chances to meet the right sugar baby and go to the right party or event. To upgrade his membership, a sugar daddy must pay $7 for a 7-day trial. After that, he should pay $67 for a month. The upgrade allows him to judge the sugar baby contest. He also gets other benefits, such as luxury vacation packages and VIP entries for parties.

Ease of use

The main aim of Houpps is to let the sugar daddies and sugar babies find each other. The neutral colors used in the design also help to make the site more attractive. The home page carries all the quick links for various features. The links for the login and sign up form are displayed multiple times on the site, making it very easy for a visitor or member to spot the links. The web designers have taken care not to overcrowd the information on the main page. Overcrowding makes it difficult for the members who wish to use the site. The site’s mission is explained in the simplest of words. Overall, any person with a basic hang of internet can simply and easily use the website.


The design of Houpps is really classy. All the website elements have been designed to give the website a nice and pretty look. The top right-hand side of the main page has quick links to the signup page, login form and blog page. Another quick link takes the visitor to a page that explains the working of the site in a few and numbered steps. Further down, a second quick link for the signup page is provided. A couple of photos of attractive women adorn the page. When a visitor navigates a little down, he can find the mission of the website explained in the simplest words. The bottom of the page again carries the quick links to features, such as sign up, terms and conditions and contact form.


  • Houpps.com maintains a blog for the use by its members. It is updated regularly and contains articles that throw more light on the sugar daddy associations around the world.
  • The site is also instrumental in organizing special events in classy places for its members.
  • The website works more like an agency that goes against the traditional methods of dating. It also gives personalized help to each member to be able to help them find the ideal match.
  • Members can edit their profile details at any time. To change the profile type, they need to contact the support desk.
  • A member can mail other members. He has an access to a mailbox with features, such as inbox, outbox and trash.
  • A member can add other members as favorite. He can also see who all members added him as favorite.
  • The site administrators can be contacted for any help regarding the functioning of the website or any issues related to other members on the site.
  • The site carries quick tips for sugar babies. They are encouraged not to give up and to keep their standards high.
  • The newsletter feature keeps a member updated with all the latest that has been happening on the site. A member can easily delete his profile.
  • Even before the website went online, the club used to organize exclusive parties for their clients. These parties can be enjoyed by the members now.
  • The site has a strict privacy policy. They value the privacy of their members and pledge not to misuse it.

Room for improvement

Houpps.com is a millionaire matchmaking club that has gone online only recently. The website is concentrated on making the perfect match, but the lack of features is evident. The site designers could think of working on features that could help them connect well.


Houpps.com is a very popular choice of many elite and affluent sugar daddies and also of the young and gorgeous sugar babies. This esteemed club was catering to only a private club of sugar daddies and sugar babies. But, they have decided to expand their private club by going online with a website. Houpps is designed elegantly and beautifully. The site administrators also take it upon themselves to ensure privacy and protection to all its members. Overall, the website has a good user base and also the ease of use in navigation. The rich sugar daddies looking for some fun and friendship with the young girls can look to date sugar babies who in turn look for some fun and financial support.

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