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Arrangement Finders Overview

Most people think that you have to be wealthy to get into a mutually beneficial relationship, but Arrangement Finders is a little more open to what a mutually beneficial relationship means. You can easily look for whatever type of relationship you want on the site, except advertising yourself as an escort. The fact that Arrangement Finders is completely free for women has something to do with the high woman to man ratio, and we feel that both women and men looking for something unique can take advantage of this. Once you are inside, you will find all kinds of people, including couples, looking for a relationship that is unique. We found a ton of people close to home who were looking for all kinds of relationships. In short, Arrangement Finders is definitely a site for the wealthy, beautiful, and everyone in between to come together.

Unfortunately, has been discontinued. As a more excellent brand, will replace it to store your account info and manage your account.

Sign Up Process

It’s completely free for everyone to sign up, and it only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to wait for approval, which means you could be looking for that mutually beneficial relationship within minutes from now! Once inside, you will be prompted to answer some extra questions that are totally racy and appropriate for a mutually beneficial relationship, but these are completely optional. Check out Arrangement Finders first and if you like it, then fill out your complete profile.


As said, it is completely free for women. Women don’t even have the option to upgrade in their dashboard and they get instant access to everything.

For men, the prices are as follows:

  • For a first class membership of 12 months, it will cost $25 per month.
  • For an executive membership of 3 months, it will cost $49 per month.
  • For an intro membership of 1 month, it will cost $79.

Keep in mind that the above prices are in CAD, because that is the country we signed up with. Your prices will automatically be converted into your own currency.

You can use any form of payment to pay, including PayPal. And, you get instant access to your new membership.


Want to hear other member’s voices or leave a voicemail message for them without actually using your phone? There is a feature called ‘voicemail’ that allows you to call a number, enter a mailbox ID, enter an access code, and then listen to your new messages. You can also find other people’s voicemail IDs by searching for the icon in the top right corner of their profile page. This is huge! You can really connect with other people and let them get a sense of who you are through your voice, as well as get a sense of who they are before you actually get into a voice conversation with them. In the voicemail section of your dashboard, you can see all new voicemails as well as all voicemails that you have sent.

You can also exchange private photos with select other members. All you have to do is enable private sharing and then give certain members the key to your photos. This is a great way to help yourself stand out only to the people you are interested in and keep the picture of your profile a little more focused on you as a whole. It also helps you tailor your private pictures for the type of relationship you are looking for without closing yourself off to other relationships.

One of the most unique features is a little tool where you can check off that you are available for a date tonight today. Both men and women can use this, and you can see who has made themselves available before you decide to make yourself available. This is a great way to meet someone quickly and get together on short notice if you are in a new town or just want to have some company for the evening.

All members get access to features, including:

  • Notification when someone is checking you out
  • Notification when someone adds you to their favorites
  • Full search using a variety of filters
  • The ability to exclude members you’ve already contacted in your search
  • See when someone last logged in
  • The ability to add people to your favorites
  • The ability to share private photos with certain members
  • Set yourself as offline, available, or away
  • Access and send voicemail

For women, you can do all of the above, plus:

  • Send and receive messages

For men who get a membership, you get all of the above, plus you get:

  • Sent to the top of the search listings for women
  • Highlighted in the search for women
  • Get a premium badge on your profile to show women you are elite
  • Insight into the moment any new woman
  • 24-hour access to new women before any other non-membership man can view her!
  • Send and receive messages

Ease Of Use

It is extremely easy to use. Everything is clearly labeled and there are no ads on Arrangement Finders anywhere. You access everything on the top or the left of your profile, and popups on the bottom right happen when someone is interacting with your profile in some way. Also, the search makes it really easy to find the exact time of the person you are looking for with the variety of filters.

Customer Service

There is an easy-to-use Feedback button on the left side of the screen. You can quickly give feedback on any issue you are having. However, if you want to contact them, you have to go under the ‘about us’ heading in the bottom right and click on ‘contact us’ link. There, you can choose to send a message through the system or you can call them. They are located in Toronto, ON Canada, and they even have their mailing address available.


Arrangement Finders is an easy site to sign up to and use, and it has a ton of members available in all areas that we checked. With features like voicemail and ‘Find a date tonight’, you can quickly get in contact with other members in a quick manner and not waste time. It’s great that it’s free for women, but men are not that lucky. However, it is quite cheap considering the access you get to meet all kinds of women looking for all kinds of mutually beneficial relationships. Arrangement Finders is definitely a site we recommend to everyone who is looking for someone to fit their needs perfectly.

Unfortunately, has been discontinued. As a more excellent brand, will replace it to store your account info and manage your account.

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  1. is one of the best sites out there at the moment and I’ve went through enough! The whole concept is very simple and everything is perfectly put together. I had some very pleasant experiences and met some amazing women along the way, this site delivers exactly what it says. Also, their customer service is more than professional; I had a billing problem and they managed to fix it almost immediately, I was pleasantly surprised since these kinds of issues tend to take longer until their fixed.

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