The Pros and Cons of Seeking Arrangement on Craigslist

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Craigslist has gained widespread popularity and is great for a lot of things, whether you’re looking into home improvement, getting your next car, a new place, or roommate. Why not try place sugar baby or sugar daddy ads? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of seeking arrangement through placing personal ads on the site:

Seeking Arrangement Craigslist


Higher Chances of Winning

It’s all about being upfront about what you want and filtering out the lineup, rather than randomly meeting people in everyday life where seeking arrangement can be impossible for most face-to-face situations. You’ll never know how many candidates there are to your post out of the millions of users and ads posted in the website, giving you bigger possibilities of finding your best match.

Easily Find Sugar Daddy

Remember how you wished to be a princess when you were a little girl? Now you can be queen, spoiled rotten and pampered with luxurious gifts and cash by finding your sugar daddy! There’s no point in becoming jealous of your friends who are living their lives by choosing to be sugar babies. Neither will you have to stick with men, students and guys who can’t even pick up the tab, for numerous potential sugar daddies await you at Craigslist.

Meet Lovely Sugar Babies

Would you believe that some guys who are good at making money almost effortlessly, are just not talented when it comes to communicating with ladies and meeting new women? Craigslist presents itself as the best means to get a woman in this type of situation, where aspiring sugar daddy can create a personal ad or browse his way through sugar baby ads and pick one with whims that he is certain he can give.

Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Tired of looking for true love or waiting forever? Fed up with blind dates, having to go through trial and error and getting into messy relationships? Young woman or man of any age that you are, there’s a promising future within your grasp. One without any strings attached or responsibilities, but comes with two-way benefits that you both will be delighted with.


High-Risk of Perils

The secrecy can make it exciting and thrilling, but also makes it extremely dangerous and risky to meet up. There are different kinds of sugar daddy personalities, and while some are just perfect, there are those who just want to have sex and take advantage of new sugar babies who are not yet aware of this kind of lifestyle. Some go out of bounds by beating poor sugar baby or give them other more horrible experiences. On the other hand, there are also sugar babies who have reportedly blackmailed overeager sugar daddies.

Getting Scammed

Some ads are simply men who are merely fantasizing and posting just to make fun of the responses they will get. Fake sugar daddies and sugar daddy wannabes who don’t have the money to back their claims are lurking in one of those ads. Some sugar babies who have become desperate are only after credit card information and other means to strip you off their much-needed cash. Sincerity is the most important thing in an ad, and there’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to seeking arrangement on Craigslist.

No Security

Since Craigslist does not have any screening process in place, you can expect that there are pretentious and fraudulent sugar babies and sugar daddies out there. People can easily lie upon entering their information, especially due to lack of securities in place by the website when it comes to personal ads. It could also be the other way around, with your details open for the world to see and exposing your sugar baby or sugar daddy status. Anyone can access and respond to your own ads, including dreadful individuals, and your best weapon is knowing safety precautions and ways to protect yourself.

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