Kayden Kross Shaking things up at Arrangement Finders

Kayden Kross is now at the helms of Arrangement Finders

In what could be a turning point for both the porn industry as well as the adult dating sector, Kayden Kross, former adult movie star is now at the helms of Arrangement Finders, a sugar daddy dating site. Recently, Kayden Kross pumped $1 million into the venture that she has more than a commercial interest in. From the looks of it, this could very well turn into an “I scratch yours and you scratch mine” scenario for both the industries as well as ArrangementFinders.com.

Kayden Kross brings with her a wealth of experience gathered by working for almost a decade in the highly in demand but clandestine porn business. Also, she has a sense of openness and pragmatism, which would be crucial for pushing Arrangement Finders towards greater heights of profitability. Kayden Kross was bang on when she said that there is a growing degree of acceptance towards sugar dating relationships.

We didn’t start fire it was always burning since the world is turning

Kayden Kross at Hard Rock Hotel

Kayden Kross – 2103 AVN Expo & AVN Awards

Kayden Kross says that sugar dating relationships have been around forever but it is just now that a lot of young women are waking up to the advantages of such a mutually beneficial romantic association. According to Kayden, many young, college going, women have to pinch pennies when trying to cover tuition and housing costs.

While some persists other give up on their dream of higher education. But, almost all endure a hand to mouth existence with low paying jobs that eat up into the time they would normally have spent studying; this undoubtedly impacts their performance at school. In support of sugar daddy dating, she says that this is not only a viable option for collegiate women to find some degree of financial assistance but also it can turn into a learning opportunity like no other.

Most sugar daddies are experienced and accomplished men who are in a position to mentor these young ladies. On the other hand, the boys are looking for no strings attached relationships that would not turn into an encumbrance in any sense. It is a win-win situation for both parties, so there is no reason why anybody should be frowning on sugar relationships. In fact, this is certainly an avenue that young ladies who enjoy being pampered and treated well should consider.

Using a hitherto untapped market for advertising Arrangement Finders

Kayden Kross also elaborated on how her experience in the porn industry would help her in making the most of the unused yet significant porn watchers segment. A new entrant into the adult entertainment arena, Paige. A. Jennings, echoed her sentiments when she said that just about everybody watches porn from men to women and from the young to the old, whether they admit to indulging in this form of visual stimuli or not.

This simply means that there is ample opportunity to use porn media to advertise the services of Arrangement Finders. Both Paige. A. Jennings and Kayden Kross are college educated women, who found their calling in adult entertainment. Jennings is the girl who created a scandal by positing nude selfies from the bathroom of Lazard Asset Management where she was interning.

Paige . A. Jennings makes her debut into the world of adult entertainment

Paige A. Jennings ("Veronica Vain")

Paige A. Jennings (“Veronica Vain”)

The 23 year old Jennings is all set to star in Screwing Wall Street with French porn star Manuel Ferrera, who also happens to be Kross’ husband. The move has been a lucrative one for Jennings who is to receive a six figure salary for her debut movie. The striking red head has taken on the moniker Veronica Vain for her maiden film and expects her career to be exciting and revolutionary.

She also claims that she has the support of her parents and her boyfriend who is an Ivy League educated Wall St guy. It seems she won’t have a lot of trouble “Screwing Wall Street” since she is already doing one guy who hobnobs in the financial heart of America.

How these gals could stir and shake things up at Arrangementfinders.com

The big news is that these young ladies are talking about using the undisputed popularity of porn to advertise a genre of websites that are shunned by regular marketing channels. Will they find success? Only time will tell but for now it cannot be denied that porn audiences are a market segment that few have targeted so far.

Actually, up until now only the so called sin products like condoms and sex toys were being advertised through this type of media. It remains to be seen if Arrangement Finders will be able to up its ante and go above its current member base of 3.6 million and the influx of 3000 new members daily through porn advertising.

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