The Hidden Costs Of Using Sugar Daddies To Pay Tuition

When money is tight, college students are willing to do many things to pay the bills. Some will take on a part-time job while some will take on two part-time jobs. That is the conventional way to earn money in college, but with the help of websites that promote mutually beneficial relationship, there is a new way to make money in college. Students can seek out a sugar daddy or sugar daddies who will help not only pay the cost of their education, but possibly the month-to-month living expenses as well.

For instance, one website called Seeking Arrangement, sets up men with money and younger women for a mutually beneficial relationship. As you can see in the following video, students from North Carolina are using this site to create relationships with various expectations.

One woman says that she is open to negotiation when it comes to what she receives as payment as well as what works best for the man she becomes involved with. This is an 18-year old girl who obviously has some boundaries in mind but may be willing to push past those boundaries for the right kind of deal.

Another woman, who is 22 years old, expects $5,000 a month from her sugar daddy, which shows that ‘getting by’ while in college is not the only goal she has. In fact, she outright says that she wants to find a sugar daddy who can give her “the finer things in life.”

It seems as though has received the most attention through the media when it comes to sugar daddies and sugar babies. Dr. Phil even did a show with people who use the site and discussed the relationships that they ensue. On the show, the sugar baby students were outright called prostitutes by other guests, while the owner of the site was called an “educated pimp”.

It is obvious people feel very passionate about sugar daddy relationships, but no matter how you feel about it, there are some real cons as well as pros to the relationship.

The Hidden Costs to Pay by Sugar Daddies

While most women will benefit financially from being a sugar baby, there are many hidden costs to the arrangement that could hurt them now and in the long run.

1. Developing a dependency on their sugar daddy

Receiving money because you maintain a relationship with a sugar daddy may be relatively easy, as compared to working two jobs during college. In fact, it may be too easy.

The ease of making money in this way can deter women from going out and making far less money for much more work when their college education is completed. The truth is that recently graduated students do not often earn a lot of money. A sugar baby used to receiving the finer things in life may not want to put up with the lower income and become addicted to the sugar baby lifestyle simply to maintain the level of comfort she knows.

2. Being judged by others

If there is anything that the Dr. Phil show taught us for sure about sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, it was that sugar babies and sugar daddies are going to be judged by people who think that it is ethically wrong to maintain such a relationship.

This judgement can come from strangers, other students, friends, and family, and it can cause a lot of negative feelings in the person being judged. Because emotions can run high, some relationships can be broken and others can be in a constant state of turmoil.

In short, the stress of being judged and strained relationships may outweigh the positives of the relationship and affect happiness and health.

3. Forming real romantic relationships can become hard

Many women find the love of their life in college; however, if they have a sugar daddy, it can be hard to form a new relationship with someone who probably wouldn’t like the fact that the girl they are interested in is earning money through maintaining a relationship with a wealthy man. A sugar baby knows this, so it can be hard to tell the truth in the beginning and the relationship can initially be built upon lies.

The problem is that a sugar baby is not likely to end the relationship with her sugar daddy just because she met someone new, even if her new relationship starts to become serious. It may not be a matter of principle or ethics. Financially, she may not be able to afford to do so. Therefore, even if things get serious with another man, she may withhold the truth for fear of losing her financial freedom.

Eventually, the truth has to come out, and this can quickly put a stop to a relationship that may not have been financially beneficial like it is with a sugar daddy, but still offered her love and happiness that she was looking for.

4. Developing low self-esteem

This life is all about going out and making the life you want as an individual. We all have a drive to create our perfect life and do so on our terms. College is a part of creating the life we want and the choices we make during college can impact our future greatly.

Being a sugar baby can cause a woman to become dependent on someone else for money and even happiness. When she receives attention and money her life feels good. When she doesn’t, her life feels lacking. Dependency like that can lower self-confidence and self-worth in a person and, in the long run, cause them to consistently depend on other people for support, happiness, and answers in life.

In other words, when things are good with the sugar daddy, things will be really good. But if he decides to end the relationship abruptly, a sugar baby who is used to receiving when giving can be left feeling helpless, unwanted, and directionless.

The Pros

1. It’s Easy

Many women view it is a relationship that would possibly ensue. It is just set up in an easier way.

For instance, many women get into a relationship where their man eventually spends money on them and takes care of them. The websites that offer a place for sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet, offer women a way to meet men who are willing to spend money on them upfront, which is perfect for college students who need money now and don’t want to wait until they establish a long-term relationship.

2. It Is Not Illegal

Meeting sugar daddies for the sake of paying expenses while in college is not illegal. It is a legit way to get money. Just because some people are in the opinion that it is unethical, that does not make it illegal.

In reality, it is a choice that is made by the sugar baby and sugar daddy involved, and that choice is personal and right for them.

In the end, students using sugar daddies to pay for the education is a choice. It can come with some benefits and some drawbacks, and ultimately the two parties involved in the relationship are the people who has to live with their decision.

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